Total Dog’s Philosophy Regarding Dog Food

We at Total Dog believe in giving our dogs nutritious, safe food. We offer a variety of kibble, canned, and frozen and dehydrated raw foods. We are familiar with expert advice on dog nutrition from Mary Straus (, Mike Sagman (, and Susan Thixton ( We study ingredient lists of every food we sell, and we don’t sell products that contain any of the following:

What we rule out Why we object to it
Generic proteins, fats, or other additives (e.g., “meat meal,” “animal fat,” “blood meal”) These are products of rendering plants where dead everything is dumped into a vat and processed with harsh chemicals. Euthanized animals are included in this mix, which means the chemicals used to euthanize are included. This has been confirmed by chemical analyses done on the output of the rendering.
Vegetable protein as a major source of protein (corn or wheat gluten, soy) You don’t see feral dogs hunting corn—they hunt animals! Animal protein is what dogs are built to thrive on. Dogs can digest vegetables, but it shouldn’t be their main source of nutrition.
By-products or digest These are waste and rejects of human food processing, often handled carelessly/ unhealthily and/or chemically processed.
Fillers such as brewer’s rice or wheat bran It’s what’s left after all the good stuff is taken away.
Artificial preservatives (BHA, BHT, Ethoxyquin), artificial colors, and synthetic softeners (propylene glycol) These are all chemicals that have been proven to have adverse effects on living beings.
Sweeteners Unnecessary for dogs’ health and used to make food palatable, which should make you wonder how good the food is.

We believe the best foods have named animal protein sources as at least 3 of the top 5 ingredients.

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